Book Review: Baring It All by Tory Baker

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“You can do anything with me by your side.” 


O.M.G.! I was unprepared for Daddy Griffin with his baby girl Stormy. This fourth installment in the Men in Charge series is an absolute scorcher, filled with passion, possessiveness, and oh-so-steamy encounters that will make your heart race and your cheeks blush. It was that H.O.T! But that is what author Tory Baker always brings to the table. When Tory writes, expect a take charge kind of guy, a possessive hero, and someone who knows how to light those pages on fire, if you know what I mean (*wink). 


You give me a lot, and not in the financial aspect, because I give zero f@*ks about that.” 


The book starts with Stormy, who is about to make her way down the aisle but catches her fiancee in a compromising position with her best friend. Stormy demands answers from her fiancee and calls off the wedding, running into Griffin, who is Stormy’s best friend’s uncle! Griffin takes charge of the situation by escorting Stormy out of the venue to hang out together so she can figure out her next steps. Ya’ll, the chemistry was off the charts between these two! Griffin knows precisely what he wants and goes after it with all his heart. 


“I’ve got no shame admitting that I miss you, Stormy.”


The 15-year-old age gap was not a killer in this book romance. It just made the story FIRE! Daddy Griffin was the best book boyfriend you will ever need. Due to the age gap and wedding drama, I’m glad these two got their happily ever after at the end, not caring what others said about them in their small town. Stormy is a lucky girl to have Griffin protect her as a real man should! 

This book gets a rating of five hearts from me! I can’t wait until I read the next book by Tory Baker! Literally one of the best reads for 2023! Grab your copy now and let Tory Baker take you on an imaginable ride that will leave you breathless and craving your next fix! 


Book Blurb: 

I live life for the thrills and Stormy is straight adrenaline.

She goes straight to my… heart.

If there’s one girl out there I shouldn’t mess with, it’s Stormy.

Everything about her screams off limits.

She’s too young, hurting from being screwed over, and my niece’s best friend.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint.

But this girl is the biggest temptation I’ve ever had.

That’s anything but good—especially in the small town we live in.

When her world is turned upside down on what was supposed to be her wedding day, I come to her rescue. As we walk out of the venue together, her dress in shambles, a bottle of tequila in one of her hands, and holding onto me with the other, tongues start wagging.

Stormy doesn’t seem to care. I can’t say I do either.

The longer I’m near her, the deeper I get.

For once in my life, I’m not looking for a thrill, or even freedom.

I just want her.

Tory is bringing the heat in the next Men in Charge book, Baring it All. This over-the-top, possessive hero will stop at nothing to protect his woman. Daddy Griff has his eyes set on his baby girl and he’s never letting her go.Buy Button