Book Review: DAK by Lisa Lang Blakeney 

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The Nighthawk Series by Author Lisa Lang Blakeney scorches the literary scene with its gripping tales of hot, sexy NFL football players who play to win. In this series, DAK book number eight takes me on a journey of passion, redemption, and love.

Dak is a defensive football player known for his rough and aggressive playing style. Yet, behind the tough exterior lies a loving single father, deeply devoted to his beautiful baby girl, who means the world to him. However, Dak’s promising football career is at risk of spiraling down due to a devastating accident on the field, leaving him grappling with the consequences of his actions.

To salvage Dak’s career and address the emotional fallout, the league intervenes by seeking a therapist for him. Enter Katrina, a fascinating yet troubled therapist assigned to guide Dak through the healing process. Despite her expertise, Katrina is far from the picture of professionalism, consumed by personal demons and finding solace in alcohol to numb her pain. The reasons behind her chaotic state are unveiled as the story unfolds, adding depth to her character.

Dak’s initial meeting with Katrina in her office is nothing short of awkward and uncomfortable. Her approach to therapy leaves Dak questioning her competence, and their interactions are riddled with tension and uncertainty. However, as they spend more time together, they begin to see each other in a different light, leading to an unexpected bond that transcends the boundaries of a traditional therapist-client relationship.

Amidst their therapy sessions, Dak and Katrina forge a unique connection, discovering shared interests and personal struggles. Their growing closeness evolves into a simmering romance that intensifies as they navigate the complexities of their feelings for each other. Just when it seems like they may have found their happily ever after, an unforeseen event rocks their world, shattering the trust they had built and leaving both of their hearts broken.

The characters’ raw vulnerability and emotional journey will tug at your heartstrings, creating an unforgettable reading experience that will keep you turning page after page. 

Their journey is fraught with challenges, but it is ultimately a story of hope and second chances.

Blakeney’s writing style is engaging and vivid, capturing the essence of the football world and the characters’ emotional struggles. 

DAK is a gripping addition to the Nighthawk Series that captivated me. Lisa Lang Blakeney skillfully weaves a tale of love, trust, and redemption against the backdrop of the NFL. 

With its blend of drama, heartache, and scorching romance, DAK unquestionably earns more than five hearts. Prepare to be enthralled by the fiery world of NFL football players in Lisa Lang Blakeney’s DAK.


Book Blurb:

A one-click, forbidden, single-dad romance featuring an infamous NFL player who falls fast for his tempting new therapist.

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Lisa Lang Blakeney, comes another irresistible tale of forbidden love and riveting sports romance. This time, it’s a battle of wills between an NFL pro baller and his unconventional therapist.

You don’t become the NFL’s defensive player of the year without playing the game rough and dirty, and while I won’t deny my past, I’m determined to change that narrative. But as they say, it’s darkest before the dawn – and that’s precisely when she steps into my storm.

Katrina is far from your typical therapist. She’s an enigma wrapped in pure heat. It’s not just her striking beauty that disarms me, but the way she can make me question myself with a single glance.

The future of my football career teeters on her evaluation of me, but I can’t keep my mind from wandering to what it’d be like if the tables were turned. If she was the one on the couch and I was making the assessment of her in the most unimaginable positions.

I realize this won’t end well. I’m a single father and a football player with a lot on the line, and this fascination with my therapist doesn’t just test the boundaries of professionalism, it shatters them. Wanting her is risky, I know, but it seems my attraction to danger has always been my Achilles’ heel.Buy Button