Where have I been?
I am so in love with this mafia book!
First let’s begin with Dimitri who is a Russian Gangster.  He deals in illegal activity but is very successful in the underground world. He dresses in designers suits and has impeccable taste in food, jewelry and much more. Dimitri is a guy who takes what he wants and doesn’t second guess himself. He is truly an alpha male who will melt your kindle into pieces. On one of the evenings that Dimitri was waiting for some entertainment, he was intrigue and surprised to find Emma knocking on his door and what a surprise it was!

Emma is a young college student who needs money for her schooling. She goes to an address to discuss payments to pay for her classes. She knocks on a door that does not belong to her financial advisor and comes face to face with Dimitri who mistakes her for a woman of the night.

Dimitri grows obsessed with Emma and the rest is history! This is truly a great mafia book with bloodshed, not so much nice people, but still is a great love story. The book will keep you up at night, until you finish it! It was just that good! This book gets a 5-star rating for me, and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

This book is in Kindle Unlimited and you can purchase your copy here:

Take Care Readers Friends and KEEP ON READING ON!

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