Book Review: Man Candy by Vanessa Vale

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If you’re looking for a romance book that’s sure to give you all the feels and make you laugh, then look no further, On A Manhunt series by Vanessa Vale. It introduces us to Dex James, aka “Man Candy,” and his love interest Lindy Beckett, who is 35 years old. 

From the get-go, you can feel how drawn Dex is to Lindy, although he keeps his profession a secret to let her get to know him on a deeper level. He goes out of his way to show her how special she is without having any preconceived notions about him based on his profession. This makes for an interesting developing relationship, filled with plenty of all kinds of emotions – it certainly won’t leave you bored! 

Lindy starts her story off with a “Perfect Man List” but eventually comes around and discovers that Dex is the one she has been waiting for all along. The chemistry between them is explosive and, if I’m honest, will make you desperate for your own Dexter James! Get ready to swoon as they take their time getting to know each other while giving readers stunning scenes. 

Do not hesitate to pick up this beautiful story that boasts five stars by yours truly – surely it’ll stay with you after turning the last page!


Book Blurb:

From USA Today best-selling author Vanessa Vale, a small-town billionaire romance with a hot-as-puck hockey hero and a wannabe romance writer.

I’m looking for Mr. Right. Date after blind date, they’re all duds. None of them meet the requirements on my Man List.

Until Dex James.

My brain? It says he’s all kinds of wrong.

He’s young. In town on vacation. A lazy billionaire.

He’d only be a fling. A muse for the spicy book I’m writing. Nothing more.

My body? It’s telling me to jump that big piece of man candy. Check off guy-given O’s from the list with Mr. Right Now.

Which is right? Maybe neither. Maybe my heart has to decide because it turns out Dex is so much more than I ever imagined. Maybe Mr. Right Now could be Mr. Right after all.

Find out who wins in this steamy small town, reverse age gap game of love. With all the books in the On A Manhunt series, it’s open season on men.

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