Book Review: Playing To Win: A Billionaire Cinnamon Roll Hero Romance by Tory Baker 

Rating Scale: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


I am a huge fan of Tory Baker’s writing; you can’t deny she has a way with words. This is the 5th book in the Billionaire Playboys series, and it has a lot of bossiness from our hero Theo who is enchanted by our heroine Danica. When he sees the lovely Danica on the floor scrubbing away, he falls hard like a ton of bricks, even when Danica tells Theo to knock it off with his man-handling ways. This makes Theo work hard to win his woman’s heart and tear down the walls she surrounds herself with. 

An independent woman, Danica stands firm in her belief that she doesn’t need a man to care for her. Witnessing the consequences it had for her mother, she finds solace in solitude. However, the more she encounters Theo’s persistent presence, constantly barging into her life, the more her heart surrenders to him, including his possessive nature.

Although this marks the final book in the series, it has been an absolute delight to accompany these billionaires on their quest for love. The series has taken us on a thrilling journey that will be fondly remembered!


Book Blurb: 

No woman will make me fall in love. I’m not the settling down type.

Famous last words…

Life can change in a damn instant.

I should know that.

Mine did the moment I walked through the front door of my penthouse and found Danica on her hands and knees cleaning.

One look—that’s all it took.

I saw her and I wanted her on her knees for an entirely *different* reason.

There’s just one small issue.

Danica doesn’t want me. She’s not looking for a billionaire to waltz in and save the day for her.

Apparently, my curvy, little vixen saves her own day.

Still, she belongs to me—even if she tries to fight it.

I’ll step up and make sure she’s safe.

I’ll show her I’m not into games.

I want her heart and I’m playing to win.

Welcome to the Billionaire Playboys, I know, I know. You’re thinking “playboys” no thanks, that’s not for me. That’s okay because that’s not what this series it’s about. It’s about Four Brothers, Parker, Ezra, Boston, Theo, and an added bonus their billionaire lawyer Sylvester. These Alphas work hard and play harder. Especially when it comes to making their woman fall in love with them. In each story in this series you’ll get an Alpha Hero, an independent heroine, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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