Bruno has just been released from prison after doing two years. The only thing on his mind is getting revenge on the person who sent him away falsely. He is driving away from prison and gets pulled over by Officer Lovett. He kidnaps her and falls instantly in love. Bruno is obsessed with Officer Lovett and makes sure she is treated fairly in his home and gets her to fall in love with him by being sweet and considerate.

Office Lovett is new to the job. She pulls Bruno over and ask to see his license and registration. When she is grabbing his information, he decides to kidnap her and drives away. Officer Lovett wakes up in Bruno home and demands be releases her at once! Bruno and Officer Lovett go back and forth bickering until they come to an agreement that she won’t escape, and the story takes a turn from there.

This story did have some up and downs, but I am going to give it a 3-stars rating for a good plot, but it was still missing something. Either way…good story to check out for a quick read to past the time!

This book is in Kindle Unlimited, and you can purchase your copy here:

Take Care Readers Friends and KEEP ON READING ON!

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