Meet the Grump Who Needed A Little Sunshine 

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If you love friends-to-lovers tropes, you need to read Protective Heart by Brighton Walsh!


First and foremost! Where can I find a guy like Beck? So what if he is a grump who doesn’t like to be around people, grunts short answers, and stays to himself? All he needs is his best friend, Everly, a ray of sunshine personified. 

He cooks and is the most awesome best friend you will ever need. Everly is lucky to have someone who cares for her when she forgets to eat and helps her free her mind when she gets so lost in her head. Beck is the perfect best friend who doesn’t mind watching movies with Everly and reading spicey romance books that Beck gets to indulge in Everly’s fantasies down the line. These two were fire between the sheets! 

It was a pleasure watching Beck keep Everly in the friend zone until he started to see her with another man. This created a chain of reactions that Beck could not deny his feelings towards Everly.

Watching Beck and Everly take their relationship from friends to lovers was a grand slam. Not to mention Beck’s family, who kept putting it in his face that Everly was the one for him. The family was on a trip, and you will find the time to laugh at their shenanigans. 


I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good friends-to-lovers story.


Brighton Welsh’s writing style is so easy to fall in love with. She captures the lighthearted moments and complex emotions between the two characters so perfectly. This makes the book difficult to put down until you are finished. 

This book is a five-heart read which I recommend to all the bookworms who love a good friends-to-lovers troupe. It is a standalone with no cliffhanger! So grab this book and read at your own risk! 



Book Blurb:

I’ve lied to myself for years about being in love with my best friend.

Everly Bowman and I don’t make sense. She’s sunshine personified, and I hate everyone. Well, everyone but her. It’s easy to pretend like she isn’t my whole world. Or it was until she needs a place to stay, and my apartment is her only option.

Suddenly, she’s everywhere I turn. Even her scent is branded into my sheets. And thanks to our unofficial romance book club, I’ve also amassed an encyclopedia titled Everly’s Pleasure Buttons. Each week, it gets harder to ignore how much I want to make her fantasies come true. Especially when we crawl into my bed every night.

But I won’t jeopardize what we have for anything, so I’m fine lying to myself and pretending like I don’t dream of calling her mine.

At least, I was until I see her with him.

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