Book Review: The Pucking Wrong Guy by C.R. Jane

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“I’m obsessed with you, crazy over you in fact. I can’t stand to be apart from you for any length of time.”


Finally!! We have another installment of The Pucking Wrong Series by C.R. Jane!! This time it is Ari Lancaster’s story in The Pucking Wrong Guy. If you need to become more familiar with Ari, please read the first book, The Pucking Wrong Number, Lincoln’s story! 

This book had me questioning my sanity! Ari is a bonafide staker with psycho tendencies. He is like the sweetest guy, you can meet, but underneath that camouflage he wears, he has a different side to him. He would do anything to ensure he gets his girl, and she has no other option but to lean on him. 

Ari Lancaster is a hockey player who grew up in a group home where he meets a girl named Layla, who became his everything. He was Layla’s protector and always had it in him that he would give Layla everything she wanted once they became adults. 

Unfortunately, Layla, a.k.a Blake in the present, left the group home before Ari and never thought to see him again. 

Fast forward some years, Ari saw Blake on a billboard and made plans to be with Blake, even though she had a boyfriend. He inserted himself as besties until Blake had no choice but to end it with her boyfriend because of developing feelings towards Ari. 

Blake and Ari’s relationship has some tough patches to be worked out due to Blake’s adoptive parents making it hard for her to question her body image and why anyone doesn’t think she is perfect. 


“All thoughts escaped me as I watched him bring the tear to his lips.”


This makes the story challenging to read, but Ari is in her corner until he makes sure Blake sees how perfect she is to him. Totally a swoon moment! 


“Someone would be a fool not to wait for you, sunshine.”


Ari and Blake’s relationship will have you rooting for them to get their happily ever after. This book does have triggers that you might find dark, but it doesn’t take away from this fantastic storyline. C.R. Jane knows what she is doing when she weaves her storytelling on us! The story was a great read, and my rating is five hearts all the way! It’s so sad to see the book end, but I know we have Walker’s book coming up next! I can’t wait for the continuation of this story, to watch another obsessive hero fall and be born!! 

The anticipation for the next installment is genuinely exhilarating!! If you love a good sports romance, please pick up this book and get ready to be swept away between the pages, you guys! 



I came to L.A. for my fresh start…and then my past showed up.

I’m happy. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m working hard to pursue my dreams. I’m finally out from under the thumb of my adopted parents.

I’m happy.

But then a 6’4 tattooed hockey star who thinks he’s god shows up at the restaurant where I’m working…

And changes everything.

He tells me I’m the one. That he’s been searching for me for years…

That he’s never going to let me go.

The question is…is Ari Lancaster going to break my heart? Or has my Mr. Wrong been the right guy all along…

The Pucking Wrong Guy is a hockey romance standalone from USA Today and International Bestselling Author C.R. Jane.

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