Beautiful love story of two people who find their way back to each other!

Sabrina and Stone grew up in life where you don’t just live the Kingdom. The Kingdom owns you and the ones you love. Stone is a young man who has enough of the kingdom and wants to live a normal life. He realizes that he misses his first love and wants her back. Stone plans to leave the life of the Kingdom but runs into complications. A savior helps him one night, by giving him a car to get out the city and start anew.

Stone drives to the town Sabrina is at and reconnects with her. He apologizes to her for not going with her and is ready to be the man she needs. Sabrina is shocked to see Stone and has mixed feelings and doesn’t know what to believe.
Stone and Sabrina relationship is complicated to say the least. In this story, we do see forgiveness and growth. Stone and Sabrina finally get their happily ever after leaving the Kingdom life. This is a beautiful story of two people never giving up. This story is well written by Mrs. Carrie Ann Ryan with a 5-star rating from me.

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