Book Review: Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale

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Have you been looking for a new romance novel that will sweep you off your feet? Look no further than Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale. This novel has it all – hot chemistry, great banter, an age gap with lovable characters.

Billionaire Boss Maverick is used to getting what he wants. So when he sets his sights on his nerdy colleague Bridget, who works in his office building, he is smitten.

When she accidentally e-mails him her sex quiz instead of her girlfriends, he falls hard. Maverick takes matters into his own hands and sets out to make young Bridget his. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

If you’re looking for a romance book that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, you must read Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale.


Man Hunt: Small Town Romance with plenty of heat.


If you’re looking for a small-town romance with plenty of heat and a billionaire hero, then Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale is for you. This steamy romance starts off with Maverick, a powerful and successful billionaire. 

Bridget has no idea that Maverick is interested in her until she mistakenly sends her sex quiz to him instead of her friends. Unbeknownst to Bridget, Maverick takes it as a sign and quickly sets out to woo the woman of his dreams. Bridget, who usually operates on logic and data, finds it hard to resist the charms of her alpha billionaire boss.

Why the Man Hunt Is Such a Hot Read! A classic romance story follows with plenty of steamy scenes and witty banter between the two. Man Hunt is guaranteed to keep its readers entertained till the end.

It’s a classic tale of a billionaire boss pursuing his desired love interest and slowly convincing her to give in to his charms. With plenty of chemistry between these two characters, this novel has all the makings to keep embracing the classic romance genre. The book also stars an age gap between the two main characters – Maverick is much older than Bridget. While this age gap adds a sparkle to their story, it keeps the heat alive between the two. Maverick brings his vast experience in matters of the heart, and Bridget’s smarts keep things interesting on her end.


The On A Manhunt series is the perfect escape.


The best part about Man Hunt is that it can transport its readers away into a world of romance and love. The Vanessa Vale series is known for its engrossing plots and sexines that keep readers returning for more. Bridget’s inner strength and Maverick’s charms are perfect for a passionate read. You experience a small-town romance between two people from entirely different backgrounds.

Man Hunt by Vanessa Vale is a captivating romance novel that keeps readers engaged until the end. With plenty of sexual tension, witty banter, and a small-town setting, this novel is an excellent addition to the Vanessa Vale series. So what are you waiting for? Get your book and find out what Maverick and Bridget’s story has in store for you.


Book Blurb:


What’s worse than spilling coffee all over my billionaire boss? Accidentally emailing him my answers to a sex quiz.

That was me. I did that. I might be a genius, but that was really dumb.

I sneak into the office to delete it, but it’s too late. He knows my naughtiest fantasies.

Instead of firing me, he wants to fulfill every one of them.

He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted: Older, fiercely protective and a possessive streak the size of Montana.

But can he really want someone like me with a past full of man struggles and a head full of math problems?

Find out the answer in this steamy small town romance where a nerdy heroine is outsmarted by a lumberjack-sized billionaire in a test of love. With all the books in the On A Manhunt series, it’s always open season on men.Buy Button