Book Review: Stalked By The Wide Receiver by Mayra Statham

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Hemi is a college student and a wide receiver with the heart of an alpha. He’s a force to be reckoned with on the football field, but he’s also a virgin.

As he pursues his athletic dreams, Hemi finds himself constantly distracted by a girl named Betty. She’s gorgeous, smart, and everything he’s ever wanted in a woman. For Hemi, Betty is the girl of his dreams. He makes it his mission to make her his.

One day, fate intervenes, and Betty finds herself kicked out of her friend’s apartment with nowhere else to go.

Hemi offers to let her stay with him, and despite her initial hesitation, Betty agrees. They start spending a lot of time together, and it becomes all too evident to him that she’s the one he’s been looking for all his life.

Overcome by his feelings, Hemi makes a move on Betty, and they become intimate. They fall deeply in love, and everything begins to feel right.

However, drama strikes when Betty’s brother, who is a scout, becomes a significant influence in Hemi’s career. Her brother disapproves of their relationship and tries to sabotage Hemi’s career going to the pros in the future.

They both struggle to handle the drama at hand, but they resolve their issues with time and become stronger.

Ultimately, Hemi and Betty get their happily ever after and live happily ever after.

I love this obsessed alpha series and can’t wait to read more! 


Book Blurb: 

I’ve only loved one thing in life, only had one goal: Football and playing pro.

I was ruthlessly focused. Living and breathing toward that one goal and only that goal. Until one look in her direction has me rethinking everything. Makes me forget why football was important.

I’m doing things I know in my gut are risking my future. Not only when it comes to football but with her. But the animal inside me has his heart set on her. She’s more intriguing and captivating than I’ve made up in my head. Whatever hope I had of the obsession winding down runs through my fingers like grains of sand.

Just the thought of Sara Martinez consumes me.

And now that I know the taste of her kiss and the softness of her skin, that deep animal hunger will never be sated. I’ve done things that would terrify her if she ever found out. But I can’t take them back. Only own up to them.

There’s no turning back. Whether she likes it or not, she’s mine. Forever.

Stalked by the Tight End is an OTT, college sports romance with an obsessed alpha who will stop at nothing to not only claim his girl but her heart. HEA Guaranteed.

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